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Southfield, MI


Sylvan S Stern, DDS Testimonials

Read What Our Patients Are Saying:

"Dear Dr. Stern,

Your diagnosis and subsequent treatment of a condition involving the bite of my teeth has made a dramatic improvement in the quality of my overall health, and thus my life.

When I came to you for a repair of a deteriorating tooth cap, I could not keep my mouth open for any length of time without my jaws trembling severely. I had become accustomed to the unexplained and repetitive soreness of my tongue and gums and the erratic painful biting of the inside of my cheeks. Those conditions no longer exist, thanks to your insight and careful treatment. My mouth has not felt this comfortable in a very long time. I enjoy eating more; and now with newly restored and proper chewing, even my digestive system is grateful to you.

Thank you so very much. I, as your patient, and the dental profession, in particular, are indeed fortunate to have the benefit of your professional dedication and excellent care.


Maxine P."


"I am proud to say that the dental implant procedures are finally complete -- a successful collaboration between Slovenia and United States!

Thank you for your guidance and great skill! It started as two root extractions, followed by a bone augmentation and two dental titanium (Straumann) implants.

I am grateful for the collaboration between Dr. Ljuba, Dr. Crnagorac and Dr. Stern to complete my crowns in Southfield, Michigan. Dr. Stern is a remarkable human being and dentist. The final crowns are JUST BEAUTIFUL!

As a patient, I am happy that my dentists are exceptionally skilled perfectionists with high morals and superior work ethics. I am pleased with everyone for the high degree of professional care!

May God bless you and your families!


Rose A."